Our first reader submission! Thanks, Daniel Reyes!

What do the terms Latino and Hispanic mean? Which term do you use when identifying someone of “Spanish/Latino” descent? This short documentary takes to the streets to find out. LATINO/HISPANIC is a project that aims to promote cultural awareness and dialogues about identity.

LATINO/HISPANIC is a student documentary I directed for a Digital Documentary class at the University of Texas taught by Anne Lewis in 2006. Though this was the final version for the class, it is a very rough cut of what I envision. Once funding is secured, I plan to continue conducting more interviews in Austin and around Texas, and re-editing the video.

LATINO/HISPANIC is based on a previous project of the same title where I conducted 80 street interviews at UT and around Austin asking these questions, and presenting the video in two courses, ‘People and Language’, and ‘Culture and Communication’.

The goal is to continue this project around Texas and other parts of the country. Since this was a project for class, I didn’t include the participants interviewed in the credit. For more information about this project or anyone interviewed in the film, email pozoleproductions@gmail.com.

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Hey Daniel, why don’t you start a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign and I’ll help share the link! Let’s make this happen! I can also give you some editing, filming and producing tips.

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