Welcome to DCAP Media!

Hi everyone,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Daniela Capistrano and I’m the founder of the POC Zine Project. I am Chicana, Queer and a media literacy activist.

This Tumblr is now my official presence for DCAP Media, my business entity.


If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that this Tumblr has evolved over time. I had fun sharing and learning through my Latin@ identity presence Oh, Mija for several years and then recently transformed that into Chicana Hulk, which was my alter ego for analyzing popular culture.

Through my experiences on Tumblr, I’ve met incredible people who I’ve collaborated with over the years, most recently on POCZP’s Race Riot! tour.


Now that this Tumblr is home for DCAP Media, I want to be clear about what you’ll see from this feed moving forward. In addition to sharing examples of inspiring Latin@s, you will see reblogged and original posts on the following topics:

- Innovation in media, technology, and social justice strategies

- How-to guides and tips pertaining to all facets of media production

- Spotlights on inspirational creative projects and individuals

I hope that you’ll continue to follow along and share your feedback! 

Here’s information about DCAP Media:

We’ll help you catalyze your vision — with measurable results.

DCAP Media LLC is Daniela Capistrano, creator of POC Zine Project. Through DCAP Media, Daniela and her network of talented freelancers provide multi-platform storytelling, content strategy and brand consulting services.

In the midst of her activist projects, Daniela works with select clients to help stories come to life and to build community.

Contact daniela@dcapmedia.com for a free consultation and quote for the following services:

- Multimedia production

- Experiential marketing + social media campaigns

- Media planning

- Professional development (group workshops, 1:1 training and guest speakers)

- Content strategy

- Brand consulting services

- Professional development

We also offer services tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits and direct action groups:

- Community organizing strategies

- Leadership/team building

- Fundraising

- Event production and promotion

We work with individuals, nonprofits, universities, media companies and emerging and established brands.

All budgets will be considered — let’s make your vision come to life.

Life is about growing and evolving, so it makes sense that as I transform, so do my digital platforms. <3 Thank you for your support.

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